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SPEND360° - Your next-generation for superior supply chain management.

Experience the transformative potential of cloud technology as SPEND360* effortlessly integrates with SAP and other ERP tools. Elevate your vendor interactions to new heights, optimizing processes with precision. Key Features:

Automated Workflow
Customizable Dashboards
Real-Time Collaboration
Multi-level Approval

Hoicko Dealer - One-step soulution to manage all dealer operations!

Dealer Management Systems (DMS) are used to manage inventory information. The DMS present this information to dealership staff and customers via a web interface. Beyond the platform itself, DMS vendors provide many ancillary software tools. They also automation for managing marketing, customer relationships, and sales.

Streamlined Order Processing
Real-Time Data
Dealer Relationships
Full Integration

Hoicko LMS - Empower, Educate, Elevate!

An LMS, or Learning Management System, is a digital platform designed to facilitate the delivery of educational content. Educators can create, manage, and track course materials, while students have a centralized hub for learning. Perfect for both academic institutions and businesses, an LMS promotes collaborative learning, provides assessment tools, and ensures easy access to resources anytime, anywhere.

Third-party Integration
Engage your Learners
Learn at Your Place

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Is a no-code app platform where you can manage your data, projects, and everything from anywhere. Allows potential teams to execute projects, represent the task in a graphical way.

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