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Streamline Procurement with our- Cutting Edge Vendor Management System

Our Cutting - Edge Vendor Management System Streamlines procurement processes, making it easier and more efficient to manages vendors and suppliers

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Features of our Vendor portal: Empowering Collaboration and Efficiency.

Real-Time Data Synchronization

Keeping Information Up-to-Date Instantly

Real-time data synchronization ensures that information is instantly updated across multiple devices or systems, ensuring the most current data is consistently accessible and consistent

Streamlining Operations

The Power of Automated Procurement Processes.

Automation is reshaping the way businesses handle supply chain operations, particularly in procurement. Through automation, companies can simplify their procurement procedures, minimize manual efforts, boost productivity, and leverage data-driven insights. Explore the transformative impact of automation in the realm of procurement.

Streamlining Efficiency

The Power of Workflow Automation

Workflow automation has emerged as a game-changer. By automating repetitive tasks and processes, organizations can not only boost efficiency but also free up valuable time and resources for more strategic endeavors, ultimately driving productivity and innovation

Increase efficiency

with Advanced Shipping Notification

Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASN) streamline supply chain operations by providing detailed information about incoming shipments in advance. This proactive approach enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and ensures seamless inventory management.

Gate Entry Process

Simplifying Access and Security

The Gate Entry Process is designed to enhance access control while simplifying the security measures in place. It ensures that authorized individuals can enter seamlessly while maintaining a robust defense against unauthorized entry

Streamlining operation Understanding

Material goods receipt (MIGO)

Material Goods Receipt (MIGO) is a critical SAP transaction that optimizes inventory management by facilitating the efficient receipt of materials. This process helps organizations maintain accurate stock levels and ensures seamless supply chain operations.

Experience the Future of Vendor Management with Hoicko

Embark on a transformative journey with Hoicko Vendor Portal. It’s not just about processes; it’s about setting new benchmarks in vendor management, collaboration, and success.

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Always Accessible:

With Hoicko, you’re never disconnected. Manage vendors anytime, anywhere, with our mobile app and web platform

Simplicity Meets

Experience the ease of a no-code application fused with the robustness of SAP integration.


Vendor registration, product tracking, or process status – every detail is just a click away.

Hoicko’s Mobile App Availbale

Always on the move? The Hoicko Vendor Portal is available as a mobile app, making sure that managing vendors is as easy as checking your phone. Get real-time updates, notifications, and more, right in your pocket.

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